How Pali works

For service providers

At Pali, we empower service providers to showcase their talents and connect with a vibrant community of customers seeking authentic African experiences. Our platform is designed to streamline your business operations, expand your reach, and foster meaningful connections.

  1. Create Your Pali Social Account Begin your journey by registering for a Pali social account. Our simple registration process ensures a seamless onboarding experience, allowing you to create a professional profile that represents your brand.
  2. Complete Your Profile Once registered, log in to your Pali account and complete your profile details. Share your story, highlight your expertise, and showcase your work through captivating visuals and engaging descriptions.
  3. Add Your Service Listing To list your services, navigate to the dedicated “Add Service” section, accessible via the top menu or through your social profile menu. Provide detailed descriptions, pricing information, and captivating visuals that showcase your offerings.
  4. Specify Your Location One of the most crucial steps in creating your service listing is adding your precise location. Customers will search for experiences based on their desired location, so ensuring your listing is properly geo-tagged is essential for visibility and discoverability.
  5. Connect with Customers Once your profile and service listing are live, you’ll gain access to Pali’s engaged community of customers seeking authentic African experiences. Receive inquiries, communicate directly with potential clients, and forge lasting relationships.
  6. Manage Your Business Pali’s intuitive tools allow you to manage your bookings, track your earnings, and respond to customer inquiries with ease. Our platform streamlines your operations, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.
  7. Grow Your Reputation Leverage Pali’s rating and review system to build trust and credibility within our community. Positive reviews can boost your visibility and attract more customers to your doorstep.

For customers

How It Works for Customers

At Pali, we believe in immersing our customers in the rich tapestry of African culture. Our platform connects you with a curated selection of service providers, offering authentic experiences that celebrate the continent’s diversity and talents.

  1. Search for Experiences Begin your journey by searching for the type of service or experience you’re interested in, along with your desired location. Pali’s intuitive search functionality makes it easy to find offerings that match your preferences.
  2. Explore Listings Once you’ve entered your search criteria, browse through the curated list of service provider listings. Each listing provides detailed information about the experience, including descriptions, photos, pricing, and customer reviews.
  3. Message Providers When you find an experience that piques your interest, you can directly message the service provider through Pali’s secure messaging system. Ask questions, discuss details, and ensure a seamless booking process.
  4. Register and Create a Pali Account To initiate interactions with service providers and book experiences, you’ll need to register and create a Pali account. Our registration process is simple and secure, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and providers.
  5. Book with Confidence After communicating with the service provider and finalizing the details, you can book your chosen experience through Pali’s secure payment system. Transparent pricing and detailed descriptions help you make informed decisions.
  6. Immerse Yourself in Culture Embark on a journey of discovery as you engage with talented artisans, skilled chefs, and knowledgeable guides. Pali’s carefully curated experiences offer an authentic glimpse into Africa’s rich heritage and vibrant present.
  7. Share Your Feedback After your experience, share your thoughts and impressions with the Pali community. Your reviews and ratings help others make informed choices while recognizing the hard work of our service providers.


  • For the next 18 months, each pali user will have the following advantages as they grow their followership on the platform.
  • 1k followers: 3 months free verified badge
  • 10k followers: 1 year free verified badge and Master plaque, which makes you appear at top searches.
  • 100k followers: 18 months free verified badge with a Pro plaque that suggests your profile to potential clients.
  • 1m followers: 5 years free verified badge and free membership to our CLUB ALPHA that gives you access to top clients, locally and internationally.
  • 10m followers and above qualify you as a marketing partner and stakeholder with 0.5% Pali shares with accrued dividends throughout the lifetime of (for a platform of this nature, 0.5% shares is a big deal. If you know, you know?
  • You can invite your friends by word of mouth or by sharing Pali information on your other social media platforms.
  • Each stage in the process comes with a unique perk as was outlined, and many other surprises await you on the journey.